Our Simple, not confusing Warranty

Here at Garden to Doorstep we want to keep everything simple and enjoyable for all our customers,  and our warranty process is no different.  You will NOT find any lengthy, hard to understand small print misleads.

What We Warranty

  • If your product dies within 5 DAYS of receiving your order please email customer support for a replacement of the specific product ordered.
  • If your product is purchased DORMANT and DOES NOT come out of DORMANCY by June 1st we will replace that specific product.

What We DO NOT Warranty

  • Neglect of Product
  • Weather
  • Drought
  • Pest or Disease
  • Product planted in containers
  • Product planted in rock gardens
  • Product planted in metal or masonry planter beds
  • Outdoor product planted indoor or indoor product planted outdoor
  • Unopened boxes – Please completely open your box upon arrival and remove the product.
  • Product purchased out of Zone per Hardiness Growing Zone

So yes, it’s that easy here at Garden to Doorstep!  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_text_separator title=”Purchased Warranty”][vc_column_text]If you have purchased our custom 1 Year Warranty during your checkout and have carefully followed our Planting and Care Directions after receiving your product, and need to file a claim, please email Customer Support.  In the subject line please specify your Order Number and attach 3 pictures of your product. Garden to Doorstep will replace your product 1 time for a period of 1 year. Garden to Doorstep will replace your product not including the shipping fees specific to that product. Claims submitted after the 1 Year Warranty period will not be honored. The shipping address of the claim filed must be the same as the original shipping address. Our 1 Year Warranty will only cover the product planted in suitable growing zones per the Hardiness Growing Zone Map. Once a claim is submitted, we will cross reference your growing zone based on your shipping address for the product the claim has been filed. The 1 Year Warranty will be void if the plant purchased is not suitable for your growing zone.

What our Purchased Warranty will Cover

  • Products Purchased within 1 Year that have died
  • Products Planted within Hardiness Growing Zone of Shipping Address that have died
  • Claims Received with Pictures of ACTUAL Product Purchased
  • Product that has been planted according to Planting Directions AND fitted with a suitable supplemental watering system if necessary.

Here at Garden to Doorstep we sincerely value and thank every one of our amazing customers.  We love tree and plants as much as our customers and will always work towards an easy, enjoyable and quick Warranty process.  Without you there is no us!